Wilma During Hyrox Competition


Focus on Holistic Health:

Mind 2 Body Works LLC personal trainer Wilma Córdova, also a registered nurse, has a focus on holistic health. Holistic health considers that health goes beyond just the physical aspect; It also includes mental and emotional health which creates a healthy balance of the body. M2B Fitness Studio seeks to promote a healthy emotional state in our clients in order to create a positive and motivational environment during training. It is also contemplated to incorporate and offer workshops and dynamics with mental health specialists in our space.

Training for special populations:

Personal trainer and nurse Wilma Córdova has worked with people of all ages, including older adults. Currently, she provides capsules of education on health and exercises aimed at the population of adults 65 years of age or older together with a health plan in Puerto Rico. Mind 2 Body Works Fitness Studio also offers personalized training to this population considering their special needs.

Trainer Wilma has experience in the health area, through which she has acquired knowledge about medical conditions and precautions to take, including attention to medications and their side effects that can possibly cause changes in the cardiovascular system (heart rate and blood pressure), dizziness, and more. She also, through these experiences, knows the high risk of injuries and fractures in this population. For this reason, she has tools that can allow safe and effective training for this population.

In addition, the Mind 2 Body Works Fitness Studio trainer has a vision of constant development, professional growth and learning, and plans to soon become certified to offer education and physical activity sessions for children ages 2-5, a population that has no Many options for structured physical activity.